Research projects

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Scientific and research work in the framework of the project StrAU “Teacher 21” is carried out through the core idea of “Quadrature of teacher education transformation – 4T”.

The four key research problemsand topics of research projects are identified within the core framework. They are “A transforming learner”, “Transformation of education”, “A transforming teacher”, “Transformation of teacher education”.

The research projects aim at looking into current tasks of modern education. They are as follows: definition of basic concepts in the development of teacher education; development of new models of comprehensive, professional and continuing education; development and implementation of innovative technologies, teaching methodology and instruction methods of upbringing children as an individual and as a group; refining of ethnic and cultural education methods based on the results of empirical research; examination of existing theoretical concepts and new tendencies in teaching people identified as having special learning difficulties and physical disabilities; development of the system that aims at supporting migrant children, and etc.

The research projects within the framework of StrAU “Quadrature of teacher education transformation – 4T” are carried out in the following directions:

  1. The center for development of the multilevel teacher education model (Edu-Agile-center)
  2. E-TeacherEducation
  3. Educational environment XXI +
  4. Center of migrant pedagogy
  5. Psykhom
  6. Smart School