The center for development of the multilevel teacher education model (Edu-Agile-center)

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The objective of the center is to ensure the quality training of new teachers by redesigning the current educational programs and making them more rigorous, by facilitating individual educational paths and by creating an open and technologically advanced educational space.

Main goals:

  1. Development and implementation of a new university monitoring system (direction: taking into account the specific nature of students’ motivation; evaluation of professional competencies and expertise; prediction of students’ self-growth).
  2. Provision of refined content and organizational aspects of educational process (direction: monitoring of the ways educational process is run, development and approbation of various models of undergraduate studies, implementation of postgraduate studies).
  3. Introduction of effective educational technologies (direction: analysis of international educational experience and adaptation of the best educational models; analysis and evaluation of international technologies that are being introduced to the Russian education system; implementation of interactive teaching techniques).
  4. Informational and methodological support of educational processes (direction: development of electronic monitoring system for boosting educators’ excellence; creation of comfort working environment.