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KFU trains professionals in the field of psychology and education, who are mature and possess a high level of civil and social responsibility, able to adapt effectively to a constantly changing society and balance individual, group, corporate, and public interests. We do our best to develop creativity in students by launching different projects, events, bringing gifted students in groups of similar interests as well as providing them an individual support.


Admission to Teacher Education programmes in 2018 in Russia: 

KFU is in the top 10 best universities

Ranking in Russia

University Admission (state-funded) based on State Exam average score in 2018

Number of students accepted on state-funded programmes in 2018


Samara University




Chelyabinsk State University 81.5 20
3 Perm State University 81.4



Moscow State Pedagogical University




Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod 79.8


6 Kaluga State University




Moscow City University 78.7 482


Pyatigorsk State University 78.5


9 Kazan Federal University  78.1


10 Herzen University



The list of teacher education programmes

Bachelor’s degrees

44.03.01 Teacher Education
1. Mathematics and information technologies
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. History
5. Foreign language (French) (joint diploma programme)
6. Russian language
7. Foreign language (English)
8. Music
9. Technology
10. Foreign language
11. Biology
12. Physical education
13. Native language and literature
14. Preschool education
15. Elementary school education
44.03.05 Teacher Education (two major specializations)
1. Mathematical education, informatics and information technologies
2. Physics and mathematics
3. Physics and informatics
4. Legal studies and foreign languages
5. Biology and English language
6. Physical education and health & safety education
7. History and social studies
8. History and foreign languages (English)
9. Geography and ecology
10. Geography and foreign languages (English)
11. Foreign language (English) and a second foreign language
12. Native language (Tatar) and literature and a foreign language (English); Native language (Tatar)
and literature and a foreign language (Turkish)
13. Elementary school education and a foreign language (English)
14. Extended education and a foreign language (English)
15. Technology and extended education
16. Technology, informatics
17. English language and German language
18. Biology and chemistry
19. Mathematics and physics
20. Mathematics and informatics
21. Preschool education and a foreign language
22. Preschool and elementary school education
23. Physical education and health & safety
24. History and legal education
25. Russian language and education
26. Native language and literature, foreign language
27. Native language and literature, history

Master’s degrees
1. Mathematics and computer modeling in education
2. Education in the field of health & safety
3. Education in social studies
4. Chemistry education
5. Biology education
6. Arts and humanities education
7. History education
8. Geography education
9. Physics education
10. IT in physics and mathematics education
11. Leadership in elementary school
12. Leadership in preschool
13. Management of educational systems
14. Pedagogy in higher education
15. Pedagogy in vocational education
16. Pedagogy in extended education
17. Comparative studies in education
18. Information technologies in arts and humanities and in education
19. Tatar language and literature: contemporary theories and teaching practicies
20. Art education
21. Teaching English in vocational and higher education institutions
22. Multilinguistic technologies in early childhood development
23. Teaching Russian language and literature in secondary and high school
24. Foreign languages in professional communication
25. Educational robotics
26. Social studies in educational processes
27. Russian language and literature in intercultural communication
28. Education management
29. Foreign languages in education within cultural and linguistic diversity
30. Design and evaluation of educational programmes and processes
31. Professional education in physical education and sports

89 programmes and courses for continuing professional education
23 programmes for occupational retraining