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The so called ‘omiks’ have an important part in the development of various areas of human life under the fourth industrial revolution. ‘Omiks’ were first introduced by researchers in the genome sphere. In addition to genome there is also proteome (all the proteins in a human body), physiome (such as pulse, blood pressure), anatome (a person’s individual body characteristics). In relation to that psyhom is talked a lot about today. It is defined as all the characteristics of a person’s mental state during different life periods and in different life situations. Psyhom is a new term and a new view in psychology as it includes all aspects of the science. Nowadays, a society requires a person to be competitive, mobile, determined, and tolerant. The values are truth, freedom, justice, family, humanity and kindness. That is why the development of an educational process that considers a student’s individual traits, psychological state of mind, ethnic and religious attainment is one of the most challenging tasks of modern education.

Unfortunately, education system in Russia does not regard the phenomenon of psyhom. That explains a great need to implement psychological and pedagogical ideas that take into account individuality and emotional state of a person. Research into a person’s individual traits is inevitable in designing university courses and modules.