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Squaring (quadrature of) the circle proposed by Greek mathematicians is a famous challenge of constructing the square with the same area as a given circle. It had significant influence on progress of geometry in ancient times. It is well known that squaring the circle cannot be solved with the help of simple tools – a ruler and a compass. Therefore, this problem is related to the type of unsolvable by elementary methods.

Training teachers for a changing world refers to the most acute problems of the modern society; its solution requires a complex approach that includes both the analysis of the characteristics of a transforming learner and the transformation of modern education in accordance with these characteristics. Working in conditions of transforming education requires special qualities of a teacher being the organizer of these changes. Only by taking into account all these factors, we can talk about the transformation of teacher education. Therefore, by analogy with the quadrature of the circle where all four corners of the square should be considered in conjunction, an integrated approach should be applied in the quadrature of transforming teacher education: a transforming learner, transformation of education, a transforming teacher, transformation of teacher education..

A transforming learner. Change of the content of academic programmes in the context of ongoing psychological, socio-psychological, psycho-physiological changes in his personality under the influence of civilizing (historical), economic, social, information, communication, and environmental factors, and socio-cultural dynamics of the society, namely:

– strengthening natural sciences component of education by incorporating into curricula practice-oriented lessons at innovative laboratories of KFU Institute of Physics, Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, and the KFU Planetarium;

– strengthening polytechnic component of education: incorporating into curricula practice-oriented lessons on latest technologies, including rapid prototyping, robotics, adaptive technology in academic and research laboratories of KFU Institute of Engineering and Institute of Physics;

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