Goals and tasks

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The purpose of creation and development of StrAU “Teacher 21” is to formulate the concept of reflective and research-based teacher education, to design and implement a new structural and functional model of teacher training in the classical university.

Forming StrAU “Teacher 21” will drastically increase the participation of KFU academic staff in the Roadmap indicators, and improve significantly the university’s position in international rankings.

Research and theoretical tasks:

  • Definition and rationalization of scientific, contextual, technological and organizational frameworks of reflective and research-oriented lifelong teacher education in the context of modern global challenges with regard to needs of modern education practices;
  • Design and empirical justification of organizational and technological frameworks of two-phase continuing higher education that is regarded as an open space for collaboration between modern pedagogy and its practical implications.

Practice-oriented tasks:

  • Implementation and approbation of methodological and educational support of reflective and research-oriented lifelong pedagogical education in the framework of globalization, IT development, multicultural educational environment and dynamic labor market trends;
  • Implementation and approbation of a new functional model of teacher training in a classical university with regard to a learner’s constantly changing psycho-physiological, socio-cultural nature and to various educational directions of teacher education.