New papers of Q1 Journals

  • English
  1. Valeeva R., Gafurov I., Initial teacher education in Russia: connecting theory, practice and research    (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  2. Tchoshanov, M., Cruz, M.D., Huereca, K., Shakirova, L., Ibragimova, E.N. Examination of Lower Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Its Connection to Students’ Performance   (International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education  (SCOPUS, Q1)
  3. Zheltukhina M.R., Vikulova V.G., Mikhaylova S.V., Borbotko L.A., Masalimova A.R. Communicative Theatre Space in the Linguistic and Pragmatic Paradygm (SCOPUS, Q 1)
  4. Zheltukhina M.R., Slyshkin G.G., Muzykant V.L., Ponomarenko E.B., Masalimova A.R. Functional characteristics of the English and Russian media texts about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games: political and linguistic aspects (SCOPUS, Q 1)
  5. Menter, I., Valeeva, R., Kalimullin, A. A tale of two countries – forty years on: politics and teacher education in Russia and England (SCOPUS, Q1)
  6. Masalimova, A.R., Usak, M., Shaidullina, A.R. Advantages and disadvantages of national and international corporate training techniques in adult education, (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  7. Birman D./ Betancourt T.S., Newnham E.A., , Lee R., Ellis B.H., Layne C.M., «Comparing Trauma Exposure, Mental Health Needs, and Service Utilization Across Clinical Samples of Refugee, Immigrant, and U.S.-Origin Children», (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  8. Birman D./ McBrien J., Dooley K., «Cultural and academic adjustment of refugee youth: Introduction to the special issue», (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  9. Birman B.D./ Tran N., «When worlds collide: Academic adjustment of Somali Bantu students with limited formal education in a U.S. elementary school», (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  10. Istenic Starcic A./Volk M., Cotič M., Zajc M., «Tablet-based cross-curricular maths vs. traditional maths classroom practice for higher-order learning outcomes» , (SCOPUS,  Q1)
  11. Starčič A.I. /Gačnik M., , Zaletelj J., Zajc M., «User-centred app design for speech sound disorders interventions with tablet computers», (SCOPUS,  Q2)