The projects of StrAU “Teacher of the 21st century” gave its first results

The experimental launch of new magistracy on teacher training gave its first results. Graduate students – future teachers of biology, physics, IT – told about their work on the defense of their course of teaching practice during the 1st semester. Training within StrAU “Teacher of the 21st century” is organized on specially designed educational programs. Some of the best teachers and psychologists of KFU and other foreign universities were engaged in its creation. One of the projects, “Multicultural training of a teacher” is conducted under the leadership of Dina Birman, who is well-know American researcher in that field of education. Professor Birman told that social, educational institutions and the system of social and psychological support play a significant role in adaptation of migrant (mature men and women, elderly people, and children).

The Russian version is available here.