Scientist from KFU gave a speech at V International congress devoted to Alexander Luria

Ildar Abitov, associate professor from the department of defectology and clinical psychology KFU, participated in the V International congress devoted to Alexander Luria.

The congress lasted from October, 13 to October, 16 at Ural Federal University named after Eltsin B.N. and hosted scholars from Russia and 20 other countries like Portugal, Spain, USA, Israel, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Mexico and others. The key speakers were Glozman Zhanna, Akhutina Tatiana, and Michael Koul. The questions discussed were connected with neuropsychological rehabilitation of adults, risk factors influencing defects during infant development and others.

During the plenary session the key idea about introducing a new term ‘existential neuropsychology’ was put forward by Asmolov A. and Falikman M.

Zhanna Glozman named child neuropsychology as one of the most essential branches in neuropsychology indicating a rise in the number of abnormalities in children development and special learning difficulties.

Akhutina T. presented new methods of neuropsychological screening and rehabilitation.

Ildar Abitov presented the results of his research on the relationship between superstitious ideas and personal attributes of a person identified as having neurosis.

The next congress will take place in 2022.