Scientific research results in the field of education were appreciated in Technical University Dresden

In the beginning of December representatives of Institute of psychology and education KFU showed their scientific research results on StrAU project “Teacher of the 21st century” to the colleagues from Technical University Dresden within a series of business visits to Technical University Dresden (Germany). During the meeting with the German colleagues from the Center for teacher education and research in the field of school and professional education of the Technical University Dresden, Prof. Aydar Kalimullin, Prof. Roza Valeeva, Prof. Venera Zakirova, Associate Prof. Rezeda Khairutdinova and Associate Prof. Olga Donetskaya took active participation in the work of that center, so visited several workshops of German colleagues on the modernization of teacher education in Germany. As a result, supervisor of “multicultural training of a teacher” project Prof. Venera Zakirova and Associate Prof. Rezeda Khairutdinova are planning to sign up memorandum on joint research.

The Russian version is available here.