Russian national psychological forum. Workshops

Workshops on “Health Psychology and Mental Therapy”, “Rehabilitation Psychology”, “Inclusive education and Special Needs Education” were moderated at Russian national psychological forum.

Inclusive education and Special Needs Education

Participants of this workshop learnt about all the subtle aspects in working with children with special learning needs. Oksana Bazhukova claims that relationship with families is one of the most important aspects which she talks about while presenting the results of her research “Psychological support of a family with a child identified as having mental deficiency”. Results and the key ideas advocated by Oksana Bazhukova are introduced in her center of inclusive education in Makhachkala.

Rehabilitation Psychology

Olga Kovshova presented the talk about the means of evaluating the effectiveness of psychological support of drug-addicts. Research instruments she employed were Rorshar’s test, test “Image of a person”. The conclusion Olga made is that a drug-addicts’ self-consciousness is a significant factor in the rehabilitation process.

Health Psychology and Mental Therapy

Olga Kamakina’s comparative research into gender differences of children’s attitudes towards their health shed light on two important aspects of children’s development that is health and psychology. Attitudes towards health were studied through cognitive, emotional-volitional, pragmatist, axiological frames. The results showed that there is no significance gender difference in attitudes towards health; however, girls of a primary school age do tend to take more care about their rest and communication with peers.