Performance Indicators

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  • English

List of the most important focus areas (science, education, engineering and technical research) 

  • Expected breakthrough in the academic market and internationalization in the field of teacher education.
  • There will be established the Centre of Excellence in the field of natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering education.
  • KFU is going to lead the “university-schools” networking in teacher education.
  • The StrAU will lead the education and adaptation of Muslim migrants.
  • The StrAU will lead the introduction of a module system of teacher education (modules are oriented to the demands of the student and the group, which sets the content framework for the practical training and allows students to create their own plan for the “movement within” the practice).

Impact of the StrAU development on the activities and indicators of the university’s “Roadmap”

  • Implementation of joint academic programs with world leading universities, as well as academic programs in English.
  • International accreditation of KFU academic programs.
  • Implementation of double-degree programs.
  • Development and implementation of e-learning programs including MOOCs on EdX, Cousera etc.
  • Development of new international Doctoral programs in English.
  • Development of integrated Master and Doctoral programs.
  • Organization of regular international scientific student conferences in KFU priority areas.
  • Development of KFU lyceum system with full-time and part-time education for promising schoolchildren.
  • Development of the «Junior University» and other activities involving schoolchildren and their parents.
  • Creating the tutor support system for individual academic curricula.
  • Rising up university revenues from non-budgetary sources.
  • Incentivizing KFU publication activity (WoS, Scopus databases).