KFU scientists analyze federal programs and manuals

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, and Russian Academy of Sciences, KFU scientists will continue examining new educational programs and manuals. Anvar Khuziakhmetov, as an expert of Russian Academy of Sciences, supervises that work. Project team members carefully study all programs on each subject. The analysis is carried out on such scores, as relevance of scientific knowledge, introduction of psychological and physiological characteristics, formation of research competences and general concepts world, society and so on. Then, expert group gives a final report on each educational program. In case of substandard performance, a commission refuses to use the provided educational program. Once again, all educational programs/manuals pass strict and highly qualified selection before its implementation into schools. So, the scientists of Institute of psychology and education KFU actively participate in improvement of education in Russia. It should be noted that the expertise will be continued until the end a this academic year.