KFU psychologist: how to get back on track after the New Year holidays

Associate professor at the Institute of Psychology and Education Inna Krotova shares her ideas on how to be back on track after the New Year holidays.

No secret that many of us experience some difficulties when coming back to work after a long holiday break. It may seem rather weird but one of the best ways to overcome such psychological, and sometimes physical, hurdles is to be dragged into a new project or new tasks. Your brain will immediately start working.

Inna Krotova assures that no holiday break can disrupt from a working process if you truly enjoy what you are doing. Otherwise you may feel depressed which is your brain’s reaction to something that you do not really like.

Nevertheless, it is possible to change the situation, – Inna Krotova says. The first thing to start with is your health and regular physical exercises plus you need to master your breathing exercises. No wonder that staying in the comfort zone and be dissolved in the holidays is much more pleasant but coming out of that zone is much more important for your self-development.

Another thing is you need to believe that it is indeed possible to be a master of your own reality. Planning is essential especially at the beginning of the year. A new year is like a new journey to some new country and we need to set new goals, build new routes and stick to them. And remember that we only live once and we’d better be engaged in something we truly love doing.