From September 1st KFU launches the pilot project on changing “technicians” into teachers

Starting from 1st of September, 2016 Institute of psychology and education within StrAU “Teacher of the 21st century” launches project on professional retraining of bachelors of various professional areas. A new innovative model of teacher education will be used for that purpose. The experimental group will be consisted of bachelor students from technical and mathematical branches. For several years, researchers from the Institute of psychology and education conducted preliminary study in this area. The work group based on three KFU Institutes (pedagogical, psychological, and philosophical) is engaged in preparation of experimental approbation of project. Its essence lies in the fact that it will be possible to obtain teacher education along with the main one using completely new technology. Institute of physics and Naberezhny-Chelny Branch of KFU will take part in the experiment.

The Russian version is available here.