Elvira Symanyuk: “Ural Federal University will pick up the baton in research done by KFU”

Elvira Symanyuk, a professor, an expert in the problems of psychology of stress, professional crisis, a founder of a scientific school “Psychology of a person’s professional development in the context of lifelong learning”, shared the main ideas about the research carried out at the Institute of social and political sciences at UrFU.

The research interest concerns primarily themes in the framework of “educator – student” relating to the problems of axiology, professional health, professional education that lies on a borderline. Such a wide range of research is justified by an increasing need of specialists being able to perform various professional tasks related to a number of different professions. Elvira Symanyuk believes that psychology can study various aspects of human life beginning with cross-curricular studies and up to deviant behavior.

Ural Federal University has substantial equipment and facilities allowing to carry out quality longitudinal studies. One of the examples is a range of studies into ADHA and autism.