Group of scientists from Technical University Dresden will visit KFU

German scientific delegation headed by Axel Gehrmann, Professor of Technical University Dresden, will visit the Institute of psychology and education KFU, for concluding an agreement on international cooperation and work on mutual pedagogical and psychological projects. Now, educational goals of KFU are similar to ones of Technical University Dresden, and that fact allows two universities jointly develop projects and use its practical results. The mutual work of KFU and Technical University Dresden is the part of StrAU project “Teacher of the 21st century” and has good scientific practical prospects. Technical University Dresden is among the 11 top-quality universities of Germany, and it`s the largest university in Saxony. More than 124 educational programs are offered to more than 36.000 students. Such scientific collaboration clearly demonstrates the competitiveness of Kazan scientific school and KFU on international scene.

The Russian version is available here.