Dmitry Leontiev: “Psychology is on the way to the future”

Dmitry Leontiev, professor at the Faculty of psychology at MSU, head of the International laboratory of positive psychology of personality and motivation at HSE, head of the Institute of existential psychology, head of the publishing house “Smysl”, specializes on a wide range of psychological research areas such as problem of choice, psychological screening, existential psychology, cognitive psychology.

Today Dmitry Leontiev is one of the top Russian psychologists exploring the question of purpose of life. He accumulated research materials for the book “Psychology of purposes” within 30 years.

Today psychology is trying to find the ways to its future which explains a number of scholars’ talks on the problem of psychology’s future as a science.  The future is ambiguous and vague. According to the professor, today one of the essential directions of psychology is existential psychology. It becomes mainstream and can serve as the area of studying psychology of personality.

Wishing us all the best Dmitry Leontiev shared his secret to success saying that one doesn’t have to crave for success – that’s the first rule of success. Do what you like, trust yourself and try to be conscious as to what is happening around you and with you and do not pay attention as to what others think of you.