KFU named the best Russian university in the subject ranking of THE-2019

The British publication Times Higher Education (THE) published the results of subject ratings in four areas. The Kazan Federal University (KFU), which entered the category of 101–125 best universities, became the Russian leader in the Education rating.

According to the director of the Institute of Psychology and Education, the head of the strategic academic unit Teacher of the XXI Century Aidar Kalimullin, the growth in the subject rating of THE Education is determined by the international assessment of activity, which is more pragmatic and based on clearly defined parameters. Thus, the rating “Education” evaluates the quality of teaching at a university, the amount of research and citation of scientists, industry revenues, and international cooperation.

“My colleagues at the Kazan Federal University see the main task of promotion in international rankings, first of all, as a demonstration of the real state of Russian education in the eyes of the world scientific and pedagogical community,” Aidar Minimansurovich explained.

Unfortunately, in the last two or three decades, the opinion that the Russian education system is experiencing serious, insoluble problems has gradually taken root. My colleagues and I studied quite deeply the experience of many countries of the world, and, believe me, difficulties exist even in the educational systems of the leading countries of the world. They are in the field of teacher education.

For example, now teachers are more or less lacking in the UK, USA, Germany and other countries. Therefore, we initially asked ourselves the question: how, using the experience of solving the problems of school education and training teachers in various countries of the world, we, scientists of KFU, can be useful for Russian science and practice.