The Head of StraU summarized the results of 2017

Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education, the Head of StraU, Aidar Kalimullin summarized the results of the project “Teacher 21” and presented plans for future activities.

The training of high quality teachers is becoming a growing challenge for the world community. Nowadays there are a lot of complex challenges in the area of school education. Teacher education shapes the identity of a child and influences the future of our society and our country.

It is significant that StraU Teacher XXI has responded to emerging challenges to modern education. Therefore, this is one of the most important achievements that we can celebrate. It should be also noted that changes in teacher education will be evident only over a couple of years or even decades, when a new generation of teachers is recruited. Our results obtained through transformation became apparent and recognized in Russia. The share of teacher education constitutes 20% at KFU, and our teacher training center is one of the largest in Russia.

In order to demonstrate that Russian modern pedagogy is worthy of scholarly attention at an international level, we implement collaborative projects with foreign counterparts, publish articles in high-ranking journals and organize conferences.

Our main goal is to make KFU a leading center for teacher education, taking into account Russian and international practices and applying Western and Eastern approaches to the education values.