The American Association for the Advancement of Science got interested in the Institute’s scholars’ research

The very first article published on the website EurekAlert! in 2018 is about the research conducted by our scholars under the Strategic academic unit “Teacher 21”.

The article «A tale of two countries – forty years on: politics and teacher education in Russia and England» was published in the scientific journal «European Journal of Teacher Education» ranked Q1. The study is a joint project carried out by Kazan and Oxford universities. The article’s authors are Prof. Aydar M. Kalimullin, Prof. Roza Valeeva, Prof. Ian Menter.

The paper looks into how the political systems of the two countries influenced two various teacher education systems. Scholars plan to further expand the research area and explore the questions of how teacher training is performed in the two countries given the discrepancy of historical, theoretical and empirical background.

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