StrAU “Teacher 21” is becoming more famous in the scientific world

The news about the research projects within StrAU “Teacher 21” are covered by a number of international media agencies Eurekalert and the Warner World.

Publishing research papers in journals with a high ranking indicates a researcher’s professional maturity. Mikhail Gelfand put it like this “you may be a very prominent researcher but if you tell that to no one, no one will know about your greatness”. Publish or perish, – they say.

Two articles by KFU scholars working within StrAU “Teacher 21” were published in Q1 journals. “Tablet-based cross-curricular Maths vs. traditional Maths classroom practice for higher-order learning outcomes” was published in “Computers & Education”. “Analyzing connections between teacher and student topic-specific knowledge of lower secondary Mathematics” was published in the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.