Russian national psychological forum finished its work

October, 7 Russian national psychological forum finished its work in KFU.

Participants from more than 70 Russian regions together with psychologists from international organizations gathered together to discuss trends in psychology.

Judging from a range of sections and the talks presented it is fair to say that psychology in Russia today is more practice-oriented focusing on studying a person in various life situations (work, army, home, school and etc.). A new promising of psychology is cyberpsychology that requires co-operation between engineers and psychologists.

Outcomes of the forum were referred to as substantial as new concepts and recommendations concerning advanced professional training of teachers were adopted.

Papers were presented at 30 various sections one of which “Psychology of catastrophes” was moderated by Yulia Shoigu.

Final words resuming the work of the forum were said by the head of the Institute of Psychology and Education Aidar Kalimullin. He thanked all the participants and mentioned that KFU is one of the leading universities in the country with a solid body of research in the field of psychology.