Scientific educational center of Tatar national pedagogics

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The center is a structural unit of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University. It aims at involving leading teachers, PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate students, teachers and educators into solving current problems of regional and ethnic pedagogical culture of teaching. The center also studies the experience of folk pedagogy in modern educational institutions.

Staff of the center carries out various experiments on a regular basis in a number of kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums and lyceums of Republic of Tatarstan and other regions of the Russian Federation. Research results are summarized in the journals published by the center, thus, providing an access to everyone interested.

Currently, the researchers of the center work on the issues of fundamental, ethno-pedagogical and ethno-cultural aspects of the education system of Republic of Tatarstan.

The center also works on establishing connections and mutual agreements with educational institutions of Republic of Tatarstan and of other regions of Russia with an aim of successful collaboration.

Research work

  • Study of Tatar scholars’ achievements in the field of pedagogy with an aim of using them in the process of teaching and upbringing;
  • Analysis of successful and unsuccessful practices in young people’s teaching and upbringing, its influence on political, social and cultural areas of life in the region and the country;
  • Development of a theoretical frame and an implementation model for scientific and education advancement of the region;
  • Improvement of education achievements’ control system on regional, country and international levels;
  • Examination of possibilities of implementing modern technologies in educational institutions;
  • Development of projects, courses, academic textbooks and manuals in response to the region’s educational institutions’ needs;
  • Organization of scientific, academic and research seminars, conferences, meetings, advice sessions, expeditions, excursions summer schools for educators, undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Translate! Learn the Tatar language

2 contestants participate in each episode of the TV-show “Translate!” and challenge each other’s knowledge of the Tatar language. During the first round of the competition they translate words from Russian to Tatar in turns. The task for the second round is to translate words from Tatar to Russian. Participants should choose the right answer from three possible alternatives. The final round is a bit more challenging. Participants translate words and phrases from Russian to Tatar without any prompts. A winner is a person with the highest score.

Learn the Tatar language singing

“Learn the Tatar language singing” is an education project based on a music program (for pre-school and school-age children). The project facilitates the Tatar language learning for children and their parents through singing. All the songs are in Tatar with a descriptive translation in Russian. The themes of songs are related to everyday life and are based on educating ideas. The peculiarity of the project is the places where videos are shot that is at historical sights of the city, sport centers, rural areas, in school and family settings.

1001 answer

The host of the TV-show ‘Know-It-ALL’ answers a range of various interesting questions from different areas of life. The questions are about everything from traditional Tatar cuisine (how to bake bread, cook chak-chak, traditional pies and etc.), ethnic costumes (ichigi, skullcup, camisole) up to the origins of folklore.

Җырлы-моңлы балачак

 Musical TV-festival for children ‘Җырлы-моңлы балачак’.