Olga Vasilyeva held a meeting with the country’s best pedagogical universities’ leaders

One of the five best pedagogical universities in Russia is KFU whose leaders attended the meeting with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

On November 23, 2017 the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation reviewed and summarized the work completed during the second stage of the main teacher education modernization project in Russia. There are currently more than 250 Russian universities that focus on teacher education and only 50 of them are pedagogical. Among the 5 universities that attended the meeting KFU was the only one non-pedagogical university.

KFU is one of the few universities that have a central role in running the project of modernization of the system of teacher education in Russia. 4 out of 32 projects were launched by KFU.  Institute of Psychology and Education’s head Aydar Kalimullin reported on the success of the StrAU “Teacher 21”. According to the expert group KFU’s praxis in merging pedagogical with non-pedagogical universities is the best in the country.

Moscow state pedagogical university’s rector stated that teacher education in Russia should be in constant adaptation to the need of the global society.

Further information: https://teacher21.kpfu.ru/olga-vasileva-vstretilas-s-rukovoditelyami-vedushhih-pedagogicheskih-vuzov-strany/