KFU scholars were ranked high with regard to the work done within the teacher education modernization project

Delegates from Russian universities together with the Minister of Education and Science of Russia discussed the results of the work carried out within the teacher education modernization project at the conference held in Moscow on October, 19-20.

The head of the Institute of Psychology and Education, Kalimullin A., the head of Elabuga Institute, Merzon E. together with Valeeva R., Vinogradov V., Asafova E., Golovanova I., Sakhieva R., Chirkina S., Parfilova G., Kalatskaya N. shared the results with their colleagues.

The project 5/100 was developed and implemented by the Ministry of Education three years ago with an aim of modernizing teacher education in Russia. More than 42 unique education programs were developed and certified; more than 30 new online courses were introduced in the education curriculum.

KFU has been one of the key universities that contributed to a successful development of the project working on 4 projects out of 32. Roza Valeeva presented the results that were yielded while developing a competence based program of teacher education. 278 undergraduate and 100 graduate students participated in the pilot of the program. The program is now being reviewed by Federal Academic Institution and in case of being approved it will be advised for implementation in all the other Russian universities.

Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Olga Vasilyeva, expressed her gratitude saying that the results are satisfying and mentioned the need to establish Professional Communities in all the regions of the country.