Expert IPO KFU: “Yandex.Tutorial saves teachers time and protects the nerves of the child”

KFU scientists conducted a scientific and pedagogical examination of the Internet service Yandex.Tutorial.

Today, the “figure” is actively included in the education system. Kazan University is actively involved in these processes: in addition to the existing laboratory for the design of digital educational environments and the studio for recording online courses JALINGA STUDIO, and the planned to open the scientific and educational center for digital educational technologies EduTech KFU acts as a platform for the examination of many platforms, including, for example , Smart University of MTS Corporate University and Yandex.Tutorial.

Recall that Yandex has been developing educational projects for more than 10 years. Currently, Yandex is widely introducing and actively using teachers the electronic textbooks platform for elementary schools – Yandex.Tutorial – because it saves time on preparing for classes, checking homework and tests, diagnosing problems. Textbooks are presented for grades 2-4.

The platform is affordable, easy to use and completely free. The teacher has the opportunity to choose tasks at his discretion, and students can perform them both in the classroom and at home.

Yandex.Tutorial appeared at the beginning of the 2018/2019 school year. During this time, about 600 thousand students took advantage of it. The service operates in 37 thousand classes in 79 regions of Russia. System work has been organized with 25 regions. In 2019, about 11 thousand teachers passed training in new skills together with partner regions.

In the next three years, the company plans to bring the number of items available in Yandex.Tutorial to ten. The list will be supplemented by natural sciences, foreign languages ​​and computer science. Schoolchildren from all classes, from first to graduation, will be able to study Russian language and mathematics according to Yandex.Tutorial.

Developers are interested in receiving feedback – information about the quality of the program will improve it. El.Vira Sabirova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Primary Education, IPO KFU, conducted an examination of Yandex.Tutorial at the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU.

“Yandex.Tutorial was developed taking into account educational standards for elementary schools,” said an expert at KFU. – The service helps the teacher to find tasks for the entire class, as well as for individual students, compile test papers and homework, as well as monitor student progress.

The tasks are designed for different levels of training, so the teacher will be able to give each child a task that suits him.

– It is possible for all children to give out different homework. Because someone needs to work out the skill longer and bring it to automatism. And another child is able to solve the olympiad problems in this subject. And he can be given just complicated Olympiad tasks as his homework. Both of these children are in the same class, go through the same topic, and with this approach and using the Internet service, the community of children is not lost, and each progress can be different.

The teacher will not have to check the correctness of the execution – the program will do it for him.

– The service itself automatically checks the answers, draws up a report for the teacher, which saves his time, and gives instant feedback between the teacher and the student. The service also analyzes the completion of tasks and collects statistics that helps to identify complex topics and timely notice the difficulties of students.

The expert is sure that the electronic tasks enable the child to make mistakes several times and at the same time survive the minimum stress or even complete the task without stress.

– When working with a computer, the child immediately sees that he was mistaken. And while no one shouts at him for an error, does not scold, does not tear out pages and does not put a deuce. And the child has another attempt and motivation to correct or supplement something.

When a child makes a mistake, the system does not just tell him: “Error!”. She analyzes why she was admitted and gives an appropriate hint. For example, the child solves Example 2 + 5 and enters the answer “98” or “abvg”. The system understands that the child entered the wrong answer because he was distracted or inattentively read the task, and gives him a hint: “Get ready.” If the answer differs from the correct one or two, the system understands that the child has miscalculated, and asks: “What will happen if you break down your answer into terms?”

The scientists of IPO KFU evaluated the form and content of the proposed tasks, the compliance of the materials with the Federal educational standard of primary general education (GEF NOO) and the compliance of the system of tasks with didactic principles (systematicity, consistency of strength, consciousness).

As a result of the examination, it was established that the content of Yandex.Tutorial complies with the Federal State Educational Standards of Public Educational Institution and the didactic principles indicated above.

In KFU also noted the diversity and meta-subject assignments in Yandex.Tutorial. According to experts, the service develops self-esteem skills in children