Erasmus+ students exchange program

Associate professors Inna Golovanova, Nadezhda Telegina and Olga Donetskay finished their internship at Technical University Dresden. The internship was sponsored by Erasmus+ program.

One of the main issues discussed during the whole program concerned the differences between German and Russian educational standards. Both German and Russian scholars presented their research results on the role of educational standards in teacher education. Inna Golovanova gave a speech on “Current development of professional competences and educational standards for teachers”. Anton Schmidt from Germany made a comparison between the Russian and German educational standards. During the workshops the scholars agreed on the tasks of the joint project that will ensure effective teacher education at KFU and TU Dresden.

On November 23-24 “InterBiLd”, the conference on teacher education, took a place in TU Dresden for the first time. Julia Koynova-Tsolner gave a speech as the main moderator together with Axel Gehrmann, Ganz Krautchauser.

KFU’s experience in implementing the Master’s degree courses on teacher education was shared with the German colleagues; Telegina N. and Golovanova I. presented the results. In addition, the conference participants attended gymnasiums in Dresden, observed experienced German teachers at work and analyzed their work.