Well-known Russian scientist, a methodologist and political analyst Pyotr Shchedrovitsky visited Kazan University

Well-known Russian scientist, a methodologist and political analyst Pyotr Shchedrovitsky visited Kazan University

The philosopher and methodologist Peter Shchedrovitsky has arrived in Kazan to attend events of the World championship of professional skills according to standards of “WorldSkills Kazan 2019″. This visit was a good opportunity to hold a meeting with the leadership of the Kazan Federal University, dedicated to the prospects of cooperation.

Pyotr G. Schedrovitsky-philosopher and methodologist, member of the expert Council Of the government of the Russian Federation, member of the expert Council of the Agency for strategic initiatives, head of the Department of strategic planning and management methodology of niyau MEPhI. Since 1980 he has been engaged in teaching, lecturing on cultural policy, philosophy of economy, General and applied methodology, philosophy of education, pedagogy, philosophy and methodology of management, problems of industrial revolutions, division of labor and ontology of mental activity.

P. G. Schedrovitsky is the son of philosopher and methodologist, founder and leader of the Moscow methodological circle G. p. Schedrovitsky. Being a recognized expert in strategic development and one of the most famous modern Russian theorists of industrial revolutions, he is confident that ” an innovative economy can not exist without innovative organization of education. These are two sides of the same coin. This is actually one project, closely tied to each other.”

On innovative organizations working in the sphere of education was discussed during a meeting with the Director of the Institute of psychology and education Aydar by Kalimullina, Director of the Institute of socio-philosophical Sciences and mass communications Mikhail Shelkunov, Director of Situational and analytical centre of KFU with Timergara by Alisium, heads of departments of the Institute of psychology and education.

Pyotr Schedrovitsky is sure that innovative organization of education means at least three very important programs: the program of development of fundamental and applied research, substantial reorganization of pedagogical technologies, gradual assimilation of the principles and approaches of meaningful organization of educational process, new management technologies. In particular, the transition from branch to sphere of the principle, from the design principle that somehow started to get used to the educational community, to software.

According to Peter Schedrovitsky, the University system in modern conditions can no longer fully meet all the needs of society. A new stage is brewing, and what it will be depends on the actions taken today.

Agree with him and the Director of IPO, stressed that without advanced research innovative organization in the field of education is impossible.

At a meeting with an expert and consultant on spatial development, regional and industrial policy, innovation and training, a proposal was made on the possibility of joint scientific and educational programs. We are talking about working directly with Peter Schedrovitsky, and with organizations whose interests he represents.

As an option of cooperation, the IPO and the Situation analysis center of the CFU offer the implementation of research in the field of education in conjunction with the laboratory created in the CFU.G. P. Shchedrovitsky.

Joint work is seen in conducting research in the development of effective technologies for the development of prerequisites for the formation of mental activity in students of educational organizations (kindergarten – school) on the basis of kindergarten and lyceums of CFU.

Among other possible areas for cooperation was the development, testing and validation of control and measurement materials that determine the level and dynamics of the development of critical thinking competencies of students (a similar project is currently being implemented in conjunction with the HSE and the Open University and talents 2.0).

Representatives of CFI invited to implement educational projects: the opening of “School of thinking Shchedrovitsky” for younger students and “Club thinking entity” for the adult population (including students).

The parties decided to discuss in more detail these and other possible areas for cooperation at a meeting with the rector of Kazan University Ilshat Gafurov.