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In Kazan Federal University there are traditional and distributed types of organizational structures of teacher education:

  • traditional (based in KFU Elabuga Institute);
  • distributed (on the basis of research and teaching departments of KFU specialized institutions possessing modern teaching and laboratory facilities).

The integrative type of organizational structure of teacher education will be implemented in the framework of the project.

Subject training of future teachers is carried out on the basis of relevant institutions, which are part of StrAU (Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Institute of Physics, etc.), having necessary scientific, educational, human and material resources.

Psychological and pedagogical component of future teachers’ training is implemented on the basis of the Institute of Psychology and Education.

Practical training of teachers takes place on the basis of KFU high schools and basic schools through the actual school-university partnership. The presence in the structure of the Kazan Federal University, as structural units, of two specialized schools (IT-school and Lobachevsky Lyceum), an extensive network of basic schools provide an opportunity not only to strengthen the practice-training, but also to establish effective experimental work to develop and implement their own innovative technologies.

Within the organizational structure of StrAU the consortium on teacher education including structure of KFU, providing science-content, informational and organizational support of the project, is established.

Consortium implements integrative type of teacher education in the framework of horizontal integration.


Consortium of 10 academic units of KFU:

Institute of psychology and education

Institute of fundamentlal medicine and biology

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Institute of management, economics and finance

Instittute of international relations, history and oriental studies

Institute of Philology and intercultural communication

Institute of physics

Higher school of information technologies and information systems

Institute of mathematics and mechanics

Elabuga Institute

After the completion of project consortium privileges will be transferred to the Department of teacher education. In the future Kazan University will be able to take over the management functions in continuous teacher education system along the Volga Region Federal District as a part of newly created educational corporation. The educational corporation will include educational institutions, implementing various levels of education.