Memberships in international associations

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Association Description Membership date
BERA (British Education Research Association) BERA is a membership association and learned society committed to advancing research quality, building research capacity and fostering research engagement. BERA aims to inform the development of policy and practice by promoting the best quality evidence produced by educational research. 27.04.2016
ICSEI (International Congress for School Effectiveness) ICSEI is a well-known international organization with members from 80 countries. It was established in 1988. Annual congress meeting takes place in a different country each year. 02.10.2016
ISATT (International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching) ISATT was founded in October 1983 at a Symposium for Research on Teacher Thinking at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. The Association’s aim is to increase insights into the identity, role, contexts and work of teachers, and the process of teaching. Therefore, the key goals of ISATT are to enhance the quality of teaching at all levels of education and to act as a forum to promote, present, discuss and disseminate research findings which contribute to knowledge and the formation of theory in this field. 08.11.2016
European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) EAGT was established in 1985 in order to bring together researchers in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy. More than 50 organizations across the world are the members of EAGT. Full membership


International Korczak Association (IKA) The goal is to raise awareness and deepen understanding of Korczak philosophy, inspiring and encouraging reflection and action on personal, local and global levels. 1980