International Forum on Teacher Education (IFTE)

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The Forum will be held on May 23-25, 2017.

The objectives of the conference:

  • Study of historical background, trends and characteristics of teacher education;
  • Analysis and summarizing of theoretical and practical, traditional and innovative approaches to modernization of teacher education;
  • Scientific and methodological support of the quality of modern teacher education for changing world;
  • Familiarization with the practice of teacher education abroad;
  • Exchange of teaching techniques, materials and experience.

The main subjects of the Forum:

  • Historical emergence of teacher education in Russia and abroad;
  • Modeling of individual and professional teacher of new type;
  • Problems of modernization and development of the content of vocational teacher education to meet the requirements of the changing world;
  • Implementation of the competence-based approach in a system of continuous teacher education;
  • Problems of training future teachers to educational activities in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Educational technologies for personal and professional development of multi-cultural teachers;
  • Integration of the vocational pedagogical and classical university education in the preparation of a new type of teacher;
  • Problems of improving the system of continuing teacher education;
  • Implementation of the educational potential of the educational process and extracurricular activities in the preparation of a new type of teacher;
  • International experience as a source of innovation in improving the national system of teacher education.
  • Problems and perspectives of forming socio-stable and safe environment for children: targets of Teacher Education
  • Pedagogy and Psychology of non-violence in family and in school

Range of topics can be expanded in the context of the theme of the conference.

-conferences held during the Forum

  • International Conference “Continuous Teacher Education in modern world: from Research to Productive Solutions”,
  • International Conference “Socio-stable and Safe Environment for children: Psychology and Pedagogy of Non-violence in Family and in School ” and
  • International Conference “Transnational and Regional Adaptation of Child Migrants: Current Practice and Models of Socio-Cultural and Psycho-Pedagogical Integration”.

The Forum hosts participation of leading Russian and foreign experts on teacher education.

The invitation to participate in the Conference extends to employees of regional and municipal education authorities, teaching staff and representatives of the administration of educational institutions of general education, secondary, higher and tertiary vocational teacher education, as well as members of scientific and other institutions related to the theoretical and practical study of the problem.


Applications for participation in the Conference must be submitted prior to January 31, 2017 on the site of the Forum: