Extended Education Programmes

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Extended Education Programmes 

Programmes for Professional Development at the Institute of Phycology and Education:

  1. Pedagogical Education (physics teacher)
  2. Pedagogical Education (biology teacher)
  3. Tutor’s practical training

Center for Continuing Professional Development.

  1. Library and information services
  2. Geography
  3. Defectology: “Speech therapy”
  4. Defectology: “Oligophrenopedagogics”
  5. Natural Science (“Chemistry”, “Physics”, “Biology”)
  6. Fine arts
  7. Foreign language (English)
  8. Information technologies in education
  9. History and Social Studies
  10. Mathematics
  11. Education Management
  12. Education and Pedagogy
  13. Pedagogy and Primary Education
  14. Pedagogy and Preschool Education
  15. Vocational Education
  16. Practical Phycology in Education
  17. The Russian Language and Literature
  18. The Tatar Language and Literature
  19. Handicraft
  20. Physical Education and Health and Safety


Scientific and educational center of practical psychology, ethnopsychology and intercultural communication


  1. Psychology
  2. Psychological counselling and team building
  3. Applied psychology
  4. Art therapy