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Pre-university training



Bachelor degree

Master`s degree

In a new structure pedagogical magistracy is being a core center and involves coordination, cooperation between all specialized institutes (faculties) of KFU, IT-lyceum, lyceum named after Lobachevsky, Volga interregional center for advanced training and staff retraining. Training programs in KFU are being coordinated by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan (for target order).

Master degree programs on “Teacher education” are focused on formation and development in graduate-depth of specialized knowledge of innovative character, complex of competences, practical experience required for design and implementation of educational process on high professional level in accordance with Higher Education FSES and teacher`s professional standard in context of modern modernization education tendencies, implementation of self-education, personal growth and building a professional career.

The goal of master`s program is to train highly qualified teaching staff ready to carry out professional teaching activities (able to independently put actual and perspective education goals, define education content in accordance with FSES, use modern technologies, active and interactive forms of teaching and learning, carry out research work on topical problems of educational practice, design variant programs, carry out reflection and be responsible for pedagogical activity results) in accordance with Higher Education FSES teacher`s professional standard in context of modern tendencies of education modernization.


Postgraduate training and (or) bachelor postgraduates` specialization on different directions aiming at mastering practical psychological-pedagogical and methodological subject competences for the further pedagogical activity in terms of intensive training.

Training is conducted on the basis of secondary educational institutions under the supervision and guidance of an experienced teacher- mentor (teacher of the highest category) and the appropriate training coordinator of the university department (mentor).

Additional professional education

At present significantly increases the level of professional requirements for a teacher working in the system of education. Regions increasingly raise the question about apparent lack of teaching training in a system of additional professional education. The need for more differentiated teacher training for solving many questions as in the field of educational institutions is obvious.