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The StrAU Teacher 21 is working towards developing ways to address global challenges that are related to the discrepancies between the conservative educational system and the rapidly changing nature of modern life and work (precipitated by increased migration and other forms of mobility, shifting public educational needs, etc.). In view of this the StrAU places a great emphasis on adjusting educational goals in accordance with the current global trends.

Broadly speaking, engineering is one of the educational areas that need to be updated. Developing modern engineering education calls for the right combination between the fundamental academic approach and latest information technologies. At the same time it is important to focus not only on the quality of engineering education but also on the quality of preparation of educators working with future engineers.

The main objective of the project ‘engineering education’ is to develop new educational programmes that would boost the development of engineering education in Russia making it truly cutting-edge. The following areas are to be covered by the new programmes:

  • Robotics
  • Industrial engineering
  • advanced materials engineering
  • software engineering

The process of developing the new educational programmes is accompanied by relevant research projects in the areas of engineering and education.

The following KFU institutes are involved in this project:

  • Higher Institute for Information Technology and Information Systems
  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of Physics
  • Institute of Psychology and Education

Project Leaders

Evgenij Magid
PhD, the head of the department ‘Intellectual Robotics’ at Higher School of Information Technologies and Information Systems

Dmitrii Tayurskii (Academic consultant)
Doctor of mathematical sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector responsible for educational activities

Nayil Kashapov (Academic consultant)

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector responsible for engineering works, директор Инженерного, Director of the Institute of Engineering

Michael Abramsky (Project coordinator)
head of the educational program, Higher School of Information Technologies and Information Systems