Why KFU?

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The uniqueness of KFU lies in merging of two educational systems in the framework of Russian higher education including resources, traditions and approaches of classical and teacher training universities. It for the first time creates such conditions, when the teaching component (which is 16 % within the university) is integrated into the educational process of university and serves as a basis for the new educational technologies implementation in practically all areas of training, including higher school pedagogy.

Classical university education, in turn, contributes to the fundamental teacher training education, which was traditionally lagging behind the real educational requirements. An integrated approach of scientists from a wide range of disciplines, from pedagogy to medicine, pursuing the same goal within one team – university, creates the possibility of a complex study of human fund development from the very first steps of a child in life.

The five-year experience in interfusion of classical and teacher training education in KFU created the trajectory of teacher training, fundamentally new for Russia in content and organizational aspects, built up on a real variability, flexibility, research and practical orientation. Proper general schools, teacher training in all subject areas of a modern school and center for advanced training of teachers have created the most comprehensive and multi-level system of teacher education in Russia.


Currently the University is one of three largest centers for teacher training in country. The international interest in it was shown at BERA (2014,2015), EERA (2016) and AERA (2016) leading world conferences on training. The increasing international scientific interest is shown in the annual Forum on Teacher Education organized in KFU. Here, the innovative approaches to ensure the effectiveness of teacher training, as well as the problems and prospects for educational systems inproving and the expansion of international scientific cooperation in the field of higher education are being discussed. The Forum in 2016 (http://ifte.kpfu.ru) will be attended by leading Russian and foreign scientists in the field of teacher training from more than 20 countries all over the world, universities of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Oxford, Glasgow, Michigan, Innsbruck, Dublin, etc.

One of the priorities of university educational system is to cultivate talents. This process begins with University for children (http://kpfu.ru/imoiv/uznat-bolshe-ob-institute/tekuschie-sobytiya-proekty/detskij-universitet/detskij-universitet-2550.html), international contests (http://kpfu.ru/psychology/mezhdunarodnyj-konkurs-issledovatelskih-i-181285.html), depth study of natural science disciplines in lyceums of KFU (http://kpfu.ru/it-liceum, http://kpfu.ru/liceum) and continues with Olympiads in chemistry, astronomy, geology and information technology (http://kpfu.ru/dovuz/mezhdunarodnaya-olimpiada-shkolnikov-po).