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KFU created a unique academic infrastructure to support teacher education that includes laboratory practicums on core disciplines, computer rooms, multifunctional multimedia rooms and language laboratories, private TV station and channel for development and broadcasting educational movies and programs, etc.

  1. The set of equipment for general physics practicum and demonstration room at KFU Institute of Physics – 86,47 mln. RUB
  2. Educational laboratory set “Research and education on photonics» – 29,22 mln. RUB
  3. Equipment set for laboratory work in medical physics – 21,54 mln RUB
  4. Equipment set for laboratory work in international chemistry – 10,75 mln RUB
  5. Equipment set for laboratory work and presentation experiments for general laboratory practicum “Condensed matter physics” – 8,03 mln. RUB
  6. Electronic equipment for data collection, automated analysis and modeling of behavior by educational process participants (Big Data) – 68,0 mln. RUB
  7. Cable television and internet equipment set for development and broadcasting of educational programs (Univer TV) – 55,1 mln. RUB
  8. Equipment set for prototyping, milling machines and CNC lathes, 3D scanners and printers, selective laser sintering and melting installation. Total amount – 181,2 ml. RUB
  9. Laboratory equipment set for vocational education in electricity and energy, transports technologies, biology, design, informatics – 3,8 mln. RUB
  10. Scientific and educational facilities at Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory of KFU with unique observational tools, modern planetarium, and the Astropark – 150,5 mln. RUB